Conference Topics

The main themes of INPESS 2022 are:

  • New challenges and perspectives in education in the post-COVID-19 World.
  • Rethinking social sciences in the post-COVID-19 World.

Other topics of the conference include:

  • Research methodology in educational and social sciences
  • Social sciences and technology
  • Education, culture and societies
  • Ethical issues in education and social research
  • Poverty, social inequalities and education
  • Race and gender in education
  • Democracy and human rights education
  • Arts and humanity education
  • Media literacy education
  • Social sciences education
  • Higher education studies
  • Curriculum and instruction
  • Educational psychology and counseling
  • Educational administration, management and leadership
  • Educational planning and policies
  • Educational technology
  • Environmental crises and education
  • Health education
  • Human capital development in education
  • Indigenous knowledge education
  • Language learning and teaching
  • STEM education
  • Measurement and evaluation in education
  • Vocational technical education